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Wild Alpaca Way

Walk with our Alpacas along the Knockamany Bens overlooking Malin Head and the Atlantic Ocean and create memories that last a lifetime.


Wild Alpaca Way

Wild Alpaca Way was set up in 2019 by John McGonagle and his family after seeing the potential of the stunning Malin Head area. The land is privately owned and overlooking the Atlantic Ocean making it ideal terrain for Alpacas to live.

They are now home to over 37 Alpacas.

Walking Tours

family walking with alpacas in malin head

Alpaca Walking Tour

Walk with our Alpacas  on a trek across our private walking route. Plenty of photo opportunities are included.

Alpacas at a school day out in Donegal

Family Walking Tour

Book an afternoon adventure with the Family. This child-friendly activity is ideal for children and parents.

Team Building

All Alpacas are so mild and well-mannered you will find them the ideal companion on a day spent with colleagues.

Meet the Team

Our Alpacas

We are home to over 37 Alpacas and within the herd, there is a Pecking order, established through age and temperament. Meet the pack Leader, Macca, and his crew.

Their personality shines through when the camera is on them.

Alpacas getting their photo taken at Malin Head before a family walk
Child friendly activity at Malin Head

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