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Embark on an educational adventure with our captivating alpacas! These gentle creatures offer a unique opportunity for your next school trip, enriching young minds with fascinating insights into the natural world.

Learn about how alpacas, with their thick fleece and specialized digestive system, thrive in the Irish climate. Witness their captivating social behavior, from their unique communication methods to their gentle hierarchy within the herd. Additionally, explore the concept of responsible farming by discovering the positive impact alpacas have on the environment.

Tailored to your needs, we offer two learning options: immerse yourselves in the picturesque setting of Malin Head and interact with our alpacas firsthand, or let the alpacas visit your school and transform your playground into an unforgettable learning adventure!

Contact us today and book your educational alpaca experience!

What Children can learn from Alpacas

Hands on Learning

Interact with alpacas firsthand, observing their unique adaptations, social behavior, and gentle nature. This immersive experience brings science and social studies lessons to life for students.

Connecting with Nature

By encountering alpacas in their natural environment or learning about their sustainable farming practices, students develop a greater appreciation for responsible animal care and environmental preservation.

Engaging the senses

Alpacas offer a multi-sensory learning experience. Students can feel their soft fleece, learn to identify their vocalizations, and witness their playful interactions – fostering deeper understanding than traditional classroom learning.

Building Bonds

Witnessing the strong social bonds within the alpaca herd can spark discussions about teamwork, communication, and respect – fostering valuable social and emotional learning (SEL) skills in students.

Are you the Teacher?

Contact us directly to check availability for your class and access. We have onsite carparking for a 30 seater coach at the site entrance.

Groups Welcome!