Guided Walks

An Alpaca Trek

Experience tranquility in Donegal's landscapes with our exclusive one alpaca per person walks. Picture strolling through Malin Head and Five Finger Strand, accompanied by your alpaca companion. Feel captivated by their gentle nature amidst breathtaking views. Whether seeking solitude or connection with nature, our walks offer the perfect escape.

Family walks with kids and alpacas in Malin head

Family Walks

Create cherished memories with our family walks, featuring two alpacas. Explore scenic wonders of Donegal, including Malin Head and Five Finger Strand. Children and adults alike will be charmed by the gentle alpacas, making every moment filled with joy and wonder.

Groups of 8 or more

Gather friends for an exhilarating group tour with our delightful alpacas. Explore Donegal's beauty, including Malin Head and Five Finger Strand. Our alpacas, known for their friendly disposition, add joy to the experience. Whether team-building or a gathering of friends, our tours promise shared memories and the charm of walking with alpacas.

Group activities in Donegal - walking with alpacas

Team Building Activity with Alpacas

Interacting with alpacas fosters communication, trust, and teamwork as participants engage in activities such as leading, grooming, and walking alongside these gentle creatures. The presence of alpacas encourages mindfulness and stress reduction, promoting a positive atmosphere for team interactions. As individuals learn to communicate effectively with the animals, they also develop valuable leadership and problem-solving skills that can be applied in the workplace.


Wondering how to get ready for an Alpaca Trek?

Bring weather proof clothing as it is windy at our location in Malin Head, good footwear for walking on unsteady terrain and your phone or camera for capturing those amazing images.

Yes, children are very welcome and the Alpacas are great with kids.

You can book up to 8 alpacas online which is suitable for 8 people but other this number please contact us directly on

Once we pair you up with your Alpaca, we head up over the trail which showcases Malin Head from the best view point. There are plenty of stops along the way for photos and of course, feeding the Alpacas, who love a treat.

Malin Head has plenty of stops for food and drinks after your walk including:

– Farren’s Bar
– Fisherman’s Inn
– Seaview Tavern

All within 15 minutes drive from our entrance.

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Wild Alpaca Way, Knockamany Bens, Malin Head, Inishowen, Co Donegal